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About US BonZer VapeZ

Welcome to BonZer VapeZ

 We at BonZer VapeZ have all that you wish to vape. BonZer VapeZ is an E-juice manufacturing company, established in 2013 and since then, I have been successfully running my business by offering you the best blend of flavors. We believe in giving you the most e-juice at the cheapest price. So for that reason we only offer 60ml's and 120ml's. We can do larger sizes upon request.

 We have a unique blend of flavors that you may have never vaped before. If you are tired of the regular flavors and want something exotic, different and flavorsome, then all you need to do is to visit my store for your new flavors. These flavors will surely satisfy your pallets cravings.

But if you are up for something new? Then choose, create your own e-juice for a juice that's made just the way you like it! 

If you are unable to decide what flavor or flavors to try, you can always try the sample packs. I only use the best of ingredients. And I use non-toxic, child proof and certified, LDPE plastic bottles.  So get yours now or create your own E-juice at BonZer VapeZ!

" A refreshing escape from your everyday vape"